bungie-destinyBungie’s Destiny is poised to be the next big thing since Halo, or at least that’s what many expect given that Bungie were behind the original Halo franchise, so safe to say there is a lot of expectations riding on Destiny. Activision will be the company responsible for publishing the game and it seems like they will be sparing no cost.

According to Activision’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, it was revealed at the Milken conference last week (via Reuters) that the company is willing to drop $500 million on making the game the next big thing. Yes, you read that right, the amount of money that Activision will spend is half a billion dollars, yikes!

Activision has since confirmed the number themselves but did state that $500 million will cover several different areas of the game. This includes marketing, packaging, infrastructure support, royalties, and so on, all of which are to be expected. The game will be seeing a release on multiple platforms and will be Bungie’s first non-Xbox exclusive title.

In fact Activision’s experience with other platforms has helped Bungie create the game for different consoles. According to Bungie’s COO, Pete Parsons, “They have a tonne of expertise with PlayStation, certainly with PlayStation 3. Their Demonware team is fantastic. And we’ve worked with multiple development teams across Activision to help us with problems we needed another set of eyes on or hands on.”

Naturally Activision has high hopes for the franchise, especially if they’re willing to spend that much, and are hoping that it will end up being a billion dollar franchise, much like its Call of Duty and Skylanders franchise. According to Reuters, they have estimated that Activision will need to sell anywhere between 15-16 million copies at $60 each in order to break-even. What do you guys think? Will they be able to do it? Will Destiny end up being the next big thing in gaming?

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