Yet another PS4 title joins the delay list. In a detailed post on the official PlayStation blog developer Ready at Dawn has confirmed that The Order: 1886 release for PS4 has been delayed. Apart from revealing this bit of unfortunate news the developer goes on the describe why this decision was made and shows off the mythology as well as the design of this title’s Victorian London.


Set in 1886 in Read at Dawn’s alternate version of Victorian London, a threat that the Knights of the Order have kept at bay for centuries continues to lurk in the dark. A group of noble men is assembled by The King to defend their brethren against the Half-Breeds and so the Knights of the Round Table are born.

Known now as The Order, The Knights endure centuries to bring the war to a status quo. Industrial Revolution brings technology that gives them the upper hand but brings Rebellion, people that The Order protected take up arms and take to the streets of London.

As The Knights and the rebels fight each other to death, the former also relies upon Blackwater. It imbues Knights with an inhuman longevity and enhanced mental and physical abilities that they can use in combat.

As Ready at Dawn looks to bring this experience to players, it has decided to spend “some extra time” on the title. Those who have been waiting for The Order: 1886 release on PS4 will now have to sit tight until early 2015. The title will be exclusive to the PS4 at launch.

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