ps4delay-lackofgamesWe’re sure there are many gamers out there who bought themselves a brand new Sony PlayStation 4. After all that 7 million sales figure mark has to count for something, right? However have you ever wondered if PS4 owners are either upgrading from the PS3, or could they be coming from a different platform?


Well we expect that newly-minted PS4 owners would have come from various platforms, but according to PlayStation America’s VP of Marketing, John Koller, it seems that at least a third of PS4 owners have come from either the Xbox 360 or the Nintendo Wii. This was revealed by Koller to the folks at Kotaku.

To be more specific, Koller stated that the research found that 31% of PS4 owners came from the Xbox 360 or the Wii, suggesting that they were looking for something new. He also went on to state that 17% of PS4 gamers previously did not own a last-gen gaming console at all, suggesting that perhaps the price, features, or software titles for the PS4 was compelling enough for them to make the jump.

According to Koller, the gamers who are purchasing the console now are what Sony refers to as a connoisseur, “They are the people who, when you walk in [to their home], there’s no books on their book shelves. They’re all game packages. They’re the people who stood in line at midnight [for the console’s launch]. They really are a fantastic consumer for us. They’re a great part of the PlayStation nation.”

What do you guys think? Did you make the jump from the PS4 from an Xbox 360/Wii as the research suggested?

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