amazon-logo-largeIt is starting to shape up to be an extremely interesting weekend, as Amazon Appstore for Android looks set to offer over 30 apps this weekend to users, all without having to see a single cent exchange or transacted. Basically, the free apps will be available on June 27 as well as tomorrow, which is June 28. It is nice to know that some of the apps offered for free will not be unwanted ones, or bloatware, as they include titles such as Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and AccuWeather Platinum, so it ought not to be too difficult to zero in on the app that you have always wanted to give a go, but never really wanted to fork out the few dollars that it costs.

Before you are able to install any of the free apps, the Amazon Appstore needs to be loaded prior on your Android-powered device. It might cause a wee bit of inconvenience to some folks, since the app installation will need to go through the Amazon Appstore compared to the general Google Play route, but since it is free, there really isn’t much to grumble about, is there?

If you have already taken advantage of this particular offer, how has your experience been so far, and just which of the two apps did you decide to download and install?

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