For those of you who have had your fair share of memories with Team Fortress 2 all this while, knowing that you have done your bit in making sure your heroes are wearing some zany hats, here is something new and refreshing to keep you happy and interested. Team Fortress 2 will now introduce a new method for you to taunt your opponents, and this is done via the introduction of the ability to ridicule them pesky opponents of yours through dancing. Yes sir, who would have thought that dance could end up as a form of taunt?

Among the new taunts, they include the conga, square dancing, headbutting at other players, throwing teammates into the air for some really crazy flip action, not to mention roll back the years to your childhood days through games of rock, paper, scissors. All of these will be making their way to Team Fortress 2 via the Love & War update.

As part of the celebrations, Valve has rolled out a relatively short film on YouTube that you can view above, approximately fifteen minutes in total, where it will star the crew of warfighters, a briefcase, and a Scout who are working to go up against the toughest opponent of them all for any man – that is, to ask the girl of one’s dreams out for a date.

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