Earlier this month, we brought you the story of a certain Michael Thomasson who put up his collection of video games for sale. That might not sound out of the ordinary for many of us who happen to be gamers, since we ourselves do have a relatively healthy stash of titles at our respective homes, and from time to time, we do sell some of the games we have finished in order to use that money to purchase new games that we would like to play. However, if you are Michael Thomasson, then the situation changes. By a 180-degrees, I might add. Being the world record holder of having the largest video game collection, this collection now has a new owner after being sold for an amazing $750,250.

The bidder prefers to remain anonymous, but you can more or less say that he is pretty loaded to be able to drop three quarter of a million bucks just for video games alone. Good luck playing through the entire collection in this lifetime! Even when you have weeded out all of the bombs inside, it would take a fair number of years of gaming to completely exhaust your options with this collection.

In a weird way, such an acquisition more or less makes it similar to one huge company buying up a smaller one with the technology that the larger one desires, saving plenty of time since no R&D needs to be done, allowing the more established company to start reshaping and rebranding such a technology according to their whims and fancies.

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