skullgirls pirateMost gamers know that it’s wrong to pirate and game, and yet many still do it. However many are smart and relatively decent enough to know that when it comes to support, approaching the developer directly for support about your pirated game really isn’t the smartest thing to do. However one game by the name of Dan Hibiki accidentally revealed to developers of the Skullgirls game that he ran a pirated version of the game.

The developers of Skullgirls were smart enough to create a little popup message that would only display to those who pirated the game, as you can see in the image above. The message itself doesn’t mean anything, but to Skullgirls, it’s a sign that the game is pirated. Hibiki was curious as to what the message was and posted it on Twitter, asking Skullgirls what they meant. In response, Skullgirls replied by saying, “Oh that? It means you should probably buy the game instead of pirate it. o:)”

Naturally Hibiki was taken aback by this, but reassured the developers that he had already bought the PS3 version and was planning to buy the PC version as well. The developers appeared to take it in great stride and were gracious enough to answer some of his questions as well, instead of threatening legal action.

Skullgirls then later replied to one of his tweets by saying, “It’s all good, man. Well… I mean, it isn’t really, but I get it. Just try to do the right thing eventually.”

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