cod-robberHow many people love ice cream? I would like to think that just about everyone does, although some folks have a higher level of affinity for ice cream than the rest. Having said that, here is a potentially interesting proposition that might just change the way things work in the future. According to the district attorney for Marin County, California, there will be free ice cream made available in exchange for “violent video games” throughout the entire month of October.

Yup, you read that right. This particular exchange program will mimic the successful firearms buybacks that happened not too long ago. So far, the story that broke this “buyback” program failed to offer a description on how a violent video game for exchange will be judged in terms of its content where violence is concerned – but apparently, it boils down to one ice cream per person, and not per game. Bummer, so much for binging on free ice cream!

This particular drive would happen at the same time with the national Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it will also be the recipient of exchanges of toy guns. Ed Berberian, the Marin County D.A., shared, “As we know domestic violence incidents almost always have children present and these children develop over time imprinted images of the family violence. These children then carry those experiences into their adult lives and often repeat the pattern of violence in their own family units.”

The exchanges will happen every Saturday throughout the month of October, starting from October 4th in Novato, California, where it will continue later at another three different locations. The ice cream put up for exchange will be donated by a local Ben & Jerry’s franchise.

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