mg-collection2014It looks like the Tokyo Games Show is about to explode off the blocks, as a couple of teasers which are focused on the Metal Gear franchise have already been revealed, which means this Thursday would be filled to the brim with plenty of Metal Gear chatter. In the very first teaser, it was part of an official press release earlier in the morning, where the new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain footage was about to be revealed. Apart from that, Kojima himself has yet another “ace” up his sleeves – that is, something which is known as the “Metal Gear Collection 2014“.

Just what the heck is Metal Gear Collection 2014 all about? Truth be told, we do not really know, although one ought to take note of a couple of things, that this is not the Metal Gear Solid Collection, after taking into consideration that it is just plain “Metal Gear” and nothing else. Apart from that, it is rather notable that there is a lack of platform symbols which are attached to the title plate, which means it could most probably not remain exclusive to any one particular platform. Last but not least, 2014 was mentioned instead of 2015, and since there are just three months plus of 2014 left to go, we could be in for an exciting albeit sudden announcement sooner rather than later.

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