firstborn-wifi-tradeNot having free Wi-Fi at a resort or hotel can be considered to be a First World Problem, and in a public experiment which was conducted in London not too long ago, you might be surprised at the lengths of what some people would go to in order to obtain free Wi-Fi. Basically, there was an Internet cafe that required its patrons to sign a made-up “Herod clause” if they wanted to make use of free Wi-Fi. Sounds normal, but when one were to take a closer look at the terms of the clause, part of it reads, “the recipient agree to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity.”

The whole point of this public experiment was to show off just how careless people can be whenever they are on the lookout for Wi-Fi connectivity – especially when it is free. Needless to say, most folks would hardly be bothered to read up on the terms and conditions, and F-Secure, the company behind the experiment, mentioned, “As this is an experiment, we will be returning the children to their parents.”

When there were no terms and conditions, 33 people signed up to use the free Wi-Fi as opposed to less than 10 with all the T&C in place. Basically, it is always recommended to read through whatever lengthy terms and conditions before you actually sign up for something!

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