et-auctionFrom something that nobody really wanted to being housed in a museum – how cool is that? This is what is going to happen to the unearthed collection of E.T game cartridges, as the fate of some of these would be to end up in a museum over in Rome, Italy, not to mention gracing the auction floor while making its way to storage in a space museum. All of the mentioned have been voted this week by the Alamogordo, which is the New Mexico city council.

The vote itself was unanimous, carrying a 7-0 final count, where the city council approved plans to distribute approximately 1,300 of the unearthed cartridges, where 59 of them happen to be Atari titles, in addition to a fair number of copies of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which proved to be the video game bomb of 1982 as it performed in the opposite direction of that of the movie.

At the city council meeting, one of the members, Lewandowski, who also happens to be the vice president of the Tularosa Basin Historical Society, mentioned that the primary goal for the game is to have it shown off at museums, saying, “The primary goal is that they go into museums and the story be told. The second is that they go into the city inventory for whatever we decide to do with them. The balance is what we will sell.”

Approximately 800 of the games will go under the hammer on eBay in three different lots, so you might want to keep a keen eye out on that.

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