Imagine the situation – your friends are together when a topic comes up and you all scramble for your phones to try and search for more information on it. Basically everyone is on their own smartphone or tablet trying to do some research, but wouldn’t it be more fun if everyone worked together and collaborated?

Well that’s what the HuddleLamp is hoping to achieve. The HuddleLamp is basically a 3D camera that sits above the tabletop. From there it will be able to detect your mobile devices beneath it, such as smartphones or tablets, and depending on how many devices is placed under the camera, it could basically turn multiple mobile devices into a large screen.

For example if you and a group of friends were looking at the world map, instead of everyone crowding around the map or looking at the map on their own devices, by placing them under the HuddleLamp, users will be able to get a bigger picture, with each device displaying a portion of the map according to how it is positioned under the camera.

Users will also be able to seamlessly send information from once device to the other simply by swiping it to the other device and dropping it in. It sounds like a pretty clever idea but it does not look like the HuddleLamp is a consumer-available product. However its researchers have offered instructions on how to go about building one yourself, so head on over to their website for more info.

In the meantime you can check out the video above to get a better idea of how HuddleLamp works.

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