X1-Xtreme-miniFor those of you who happen to have heard of the IUNI U2 handset (which we haven’t frankly speaking), then you would more or less know that what you see above happens to be a rebranded version of the smartphone which has been unveiled over in Europe, where it is carried by the local brand called Allview. Hence, it is not a surprise to hear that this particular smartphone has been dubbed to be the Allview X1 Xtreme Mini, and it is accompanied by a $356 price point after conversion.

What makes the Allview X1 Xtreme Mini stand out in terms of its hardware specifications would be the relatively powerful camera that is located right up in front, being a 4MP shooter that will sport 2 micron pixels, which is on par with that of the main camera which is found in the flagship HTC One (M8).

Other hardware specifications of the Allview X1 Xtreme Mini include a 4.7” Full HD display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.15GHz processor, a 16MP shooter at the back, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, a Yamaha audio amplifier with DTS acoustics, all of it crammed into an aluminum chassis that comes in green or silver. I suppose you would need to import this if you’re hard up for one.

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