As it stands we rely a lot on cables in our lives. We use cables to connect our phones to our computers, tablets to our TVs, and etc. While there are wireless options such as Bluetooth and WiFi, they aren’t particularly fast, so even if we wanted to share huge files wirelessly, it will still take a while to transfer.

Well all of this will soon be gone in the future, thanks to a startup called Keyssa who aims to reinvent the connector. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the idea behind the company’s technology is for devices to be able to “kiss” each other, which basically relies on extremely high-frequency radio bands to transfer information from one device to another.

For example with Keyssa’s technology embedded into products, users will be able to transfer Full HD videos from one device to another in mere seconds. Not only will this allow for new ways of sharing information with one another, but it is an invention that could change the way products are designed, such as by removing the need for ports entirely, thus allowing OEMs to create waterproof devices by sealing up all possible crevices.

Keyssa is a startup that is backed by the likes of Intel Capital, Samsung, and Nest’s Tony Fadell who is also known as the father of the iPod. According to Fadell, “For the last 25 years, I’ve had to struggle with delicate metal connectors that put unsightly holes in otherwise beautiful products. I expect kiss connectivity to spark an immediate wave of industrial innovation.”

The company expects that their first kiss-enabled devices to arrive in stores next year, although it is unclear as to what we might be able to expect. Either way it sounds like very promising technology and to learn more, you can check out the promo video above to get an idea of it.

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