vsennAre you sick and tired of actually purchasing a brand new smartphone each time just because the new model has features that your existing flagship lacks? What if a smartphone were to be modular like a DIY gaming PC, where you can “upgrade” your handset based on various parts, depending on your needs as well as your budget. Project Ara is one such idea where mobile hardware is concerned, and it looks as though Motorola and their Project Ara will no longer be that “lonely”, so to speak, with Vsenn being introduced.

So far, Vsenn shows off nothing but a landing page at this point in time, where we have not much of a lead to continue on. What we do know is, this particular company was founded by a former Nokia X Product Manager, so it does look like they have the relevant personnel in certain parts in order to make an impact in the modular smartphone market, despite it being in its infancy at this point in time. Vsenn is said to pave the way for design customization, where you can swap out three hardware modules: camera, battery, and processor/RAM. It will run on pure vanilla Android, while offering a guarantee of updates for the next 4 years. Nice!

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