Back in 2012, a group of students came up an interesting idea that would making crossing the road a fun experience. Instead of pedestrians standing and waiting for the light to turn green, a game of Pong would be installed on either side of the road so that pedestrians can play a quick game of Pong while waiting.

The idea is to dissuade pedestrians from crossing the road hastily and illegally. Well the good news is that it looks like those students’ plans have been made a reality. Its designers Amelie Künzler, Sandro Angel, and Holger Michel have teamed up with design firms and traffic experts and actually made the device a reality.

The device has since been approved for use by the city of Hildesheim, Germany where they were recently installed about two weeks ago. The original concept was named StreetPong but it has since been renamed to ActiWait. It’s a pretty clever and fun-looking idea and we have to wonder if other cities in other parts of the world will begin to adopt the idea. In the meantime what do you guys think of their idea?

Could this potentially prevent people from running into traffic, or could it actually end up being a bigger distraction? In the meantime you can check out the concept video from two years ago in the video above.

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