nyc-wifiIf you happen to live in the Big Apple, here is some good news for you – you might get to enjoy free Wi-Fi networks in selected areas of the city in due time. According to the BBC, New York City is working on rolling out public Wi-Fi hotspots which will not only help you to remain connected without having to eat into your monthly data quota on your smartphone or tablet, but will deliver gigabit connectivity to boot, now how about that for a need for speed?

The city will work alongside the CityBridge consortium in order to kick off construction of the LinkNYC kiosks from next year onward, where the very first ones will be up and operational before 2015 calls it quits and hands over the baton to 2016. There will be one catch however – since high speed Wi-Fi coverage will be free for the masses, the kiosk will need to generate revenue via advertising. It remains to be seen as to who the advertisers will be though, but we have learned that the kiosks will have to be located in highly populated, rich areas of the city – hence translating to the fact that disadvantaged communities who live in New York will, in all probability, be unable to take advantage of this free Wi-Fi connection.

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