ace explodeExploding smartphones are always scary especially when you consider just how many of us have smartphones these days. While chances are it won’t happen to most of us, the idea that it could happen can be pretty terrifying. Well according to Hope Casserly, a fourth year computer science student at the University of Guelph, Canada, that’s exactly what happened to her.

According to Casserly, she claims she was sleeping one night when her Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 exploded, waking her up in the process. Due to the explosion, the battery caught fire and proceeded to burn her mattress and her bedding. Casserly claims that her phone was only a little over a year old when it exploded and that it was not charging at the time of the explosion.

Samsung has since responded to Casserly’s claims and has reportedly issued her with a brand new device, although they noted that during their investigation that Casserly was using an unauthorized battery. However Casserly claims that she had never switched out the battery, so it is unclear as to who might be telling the truth here.

While she did get a new phone in the process, Casserly claims she will not be using the replacement anytime soon. This is actually not the first time we have heard of phones exploding. We have heard horror stories in the past of how a Samsung Galaxy Note battery exploded so this is definitely not the first time that Samsung’s phones/batteries have come under the microscope, but what do you guys think?

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