1-1412011506125OHardware buttons might seem like a necessity, especially when it comes to the volume rockers and power button. A home button these days might not necessarily be hardware anymore, at least as far as some OEMs are concerned. That being said, a company from China called Mantra has created a phone called the Mantra X7 that will feature zero physical buttons.

At this point in time it is unclear as to how this will work, but according to one of its specifications, it will feature a sensor bar on the side of the phone that will be able to detect a user’s thumb or finger. From there it will be able to pull up the phone dialer or alternatively switch to a volume rocker.

Some have speculated that additional controls can be done by performing gestures on the phone’s display, much like the Oppo Color OS which allows volume adjustment through gestures on the display. It’s an interesting idea and for those who love their phones being sleek without buttons jutting out at the sides, the Mantra X7 could be it.

No word on when the phone will be released or if it will even make its way out of Asia into western markets, but either way hopefully this design will inspire other OEMs to come up with similar designs. In the meantime what say you?

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