AsteroidsOutpost3Atari happens to be one of the world’s most recognized publishers and producers of games (although they have had their fair share of busts in the past), and this time around, they have announced another title that will certainly get the classic loving gamers all happy and excited – Asteroids: Outpost for the PC.

Asteroids: Outpost for PC happens to be a bold re-imagining of the world-renowned 1979 arcade shooter, where players would step into the role of a deep space miner, and they would need to do the necessary in order to remain alive in the asteroid belt. This classic Atari title has been reinvented as an open world, sandbox style, survival experience, and players are required to mine, build and defend their way through as they increase their fortunes along the way.

Of course, no man is an island – even in space, which is why it is imperative that you form the right alliances with some players, while fighting off others in a challenging multiplayer gameplay environment. Sounds like fun, don’t you think so? At least it is a whole lot better than flying a solitary ship through a screen that has the same asteroids flying all over the place, looking for an opportunity to knock your ship out of commission.

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