vaio-z-2.0Last year Sony announced that they would be selling of their VAIO brand to investment fund Japan Industrial Partners, who thankfully for those who love the VAIO brand have decided to continue selling the laptops minus the Sony branding on it. That being said if you’re looking forward to new VAIO laptops, the company has recently unveiled two new devices.

The VAIO Z and the VAIO Z Canvas are two new devices by VAIO that are also the first laptops to have been designed by the company ever since they were bought from Sony. Starting with the VAIO Z, this is the company’s flagship ultrabook that sports an aluminum carbon shell body and comes in Intel Core i5 or i7 options.

What makes the device unique is a hinge in the body of the laptop that lets the user choose to use it as a tablet or a laptop, and because the screen can be flipped, users will be able to collaborate with other users just by flipping the screen around. It will be priced at $1,600 and according to VAIO, it will last users an impressive 15.5 hours.

vaio-z-canvas-1.0Next is the VAIO Z Canvas which is a 12.3-inch device with an Intel Core i7 processor under the hood. However unlike the VAIO Z, the Canvas feels more like a tablet along the lines of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets as it will come with a detachable keyboard, thus allowing the user to use it either as a laptop-like device or as a tablet.

Both the VAIO Z and VAIO Z Canvas were announced in Japan but unfortunately the company did not mention when either device will be making its way to international markets, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled all the same.

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