1426800513-md-pebblesmartband1Last month the Pebble Time was announced. For those unfamiliar with the wearable, it’s basically the successor to the Pebble watch but the difference is that it comes with a color e-paper display and a microphone, making those two features the biggest hardware changes that Pebble has made.

The company also announced the support for smartstraps which are basically straps for the watch that will add more features to the device. Given how Pebble can’t possibly create every type of smartstrap out there, the company has recently promised to pledge their support of $1 million which will go towards helping crowdfunding smartstrap projects.

So what are smartstraps, you ask? In case the name wasn’t obvious enough, these are straps that add extra features and functionality to the Pebble Time, such as by giving it extra battery, or maybe adding a wrist-mounted camera, or maybe even adding a heart rate sensor, the possibilities are endless. The company has also stated that they will be opening it up to hackers and hardware devs for more exotic purposes.

According to Pebble, “If you have an idea and want to be part of the smartstrap revolution, this is your chance! Get a team together, build a prototype and put your project up on a crowdfunding platform. Our team will work to help bring your idea to life.” Not every project will necessarily be funded but it should be worth looking forward to all the same.

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