system76-meerkatWhen one is about to embark on a computer purchase, there are many different models out there that can be picked up – so which of the lot is worth the price? A lot of that depends on your budget, not to mention what kind of operating system you would want to use as well as what you use the computer for at the end of the day. Enter the System76 Meerkat Linux PC that will run on an Intel Broadwell processor – this small desktop PC will be powered by Ubuntu Linux software.

Tipped to arrive in the market some time this March 19th, the System76 Meerkat will be based on Intel’s NUC mini-desktop design, and just to get an idea on how small it is, how does 4” by 4“ sound to you? Apparently, the System76 Meerkat will arrive with the ability to have up to 16GB RAM installed, not to mention a maximum storage capacity of 2TB. There is also an M.2 slot that paves the way for you to throw in a solid state drive, while a 2.5” drive bay would be able to let you throw in either a hard drive or SSD.

It seems that System76 intends to offer a couple of processor options – one, an Intel Core i3-5010U (with Intel HD 550 graphics) while the other would be a Core i5-5250U processor (with Intel HD 6000). HDMI and a DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, a quartet of USB ports, and a headset jack round off the list of hardware specifications, where it ought to retail in the price range of $500 thereabouts.

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