fel_mount_wowThere are gamers out there who have made it their goal to collect every single mount possible within the game of World of Warcraft. For those who are so diligent in their collection, you might be interested to learn that according to the folks at Wowhead, they have discovered that within Patch 6.2, Blizzard will be adding new mounts to the game.


One of those mounts, which we have to admit probably looks the coolest, is the Felsteel Annihilator which you can see in the image above. This is a mount that can only be obtained by killing Archimonde in mythic mode, so safe to say that this mount might not necessarily be obtainable by many unless you’re in a progressive guild.

Some of the other mounts discovered in the game include a Corrupted Dreadwing which is a reward from the Glory of the Hellfire Raider achievement, an Infernal Direwolf which can be bought for150,000 Apexis, a Felblood Gronnling which is a reward from the Kaleiki The Boy Gladiator achievement.

As for PvP specific mounts, Blizzard has also added two mounts which is the Vicious War Kodo and the Vicious War Mechanostrider. Patch 6.2 is currently available for testing via the PTR. No word on when the patch will be released but if you’d like to check out the changes and new features, just hop on over to the PTR for the details.

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