wow flyingA couple of days ago, Blizzard confirmed that Warlords of Draenor will continue to not feature flying in its zones. The developer even hinted that this line of thinking could be carried on over to future expansions as well, and safe to say that many players are very upset about it, so much so that many have taken to the official World of Warcraft forums to announce the cancellation of their subscriptions.

According to the thread, many players are angered that Blizzard will not include the feature in the current expansion. Some believe that this decision by Blizzard will lead to a mass exodus of players from the game, which last we checked dropped by as many as 3 million subscribers in the recent months.

The argument of these players are basically claiming that with flying, they get to explore new areas that they could not before. In fact there used to be quests in the game that could only be completed by having a flying mount. Let’s not forget there are also plenty of players who have spent countless hours farming for rare flying mounts only to not be able to use them as intended (at least as far as Warlords of Draenor zones are concerned).

On the flipside, there are gamers who are perfectly fine with no flying. In fact some claim that this allowed them to enjoy the game more as it did not allow them to simply fly over more difficult zones, which is actually one of the justifications Blizzard made. In any case what do you guys make of this issue? Will gamers eventually get used to it or do you think that this is a very bad decision from Blizzard?

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