large_punkt_4It’s ironic that smartphones were created to solve a problem of having to use multiple devices for separate tasks, but fast forward to today, smartphones themselves present a problem of their own, which is that we’re too connected all the time. This means that we’re never truly away from the bombardment of notifications from emails, text messages, social media, and etc.

This has led to devices such as the Light Phone being created, and more recently the Punkt MP01. Just like the Light Phone, the Punkt MP01 is a minimalist phone that does the bare essentials and nothing. This means that if you wanted a music player and an internet browser, we’d suggest you stick to your smartphone.

However if you’re looking to break away from all that “noise”, the MP01 should be up for the task. Like we said it basically provides users with the bare essentials such as making phone calls, texting, accessing your contacts, acting as alarm clock and a calendar. It sports a 2-inch Gorilla Glass LCD display and will last a good four weeks on standby, or 290 minutes worth of talk time.

According to its creator Petter Neby, he doesn’t seem the device so much as a replacement, but rather a complementary gadget to his smartphone. “The way I use it now is that I forward the number from my smartphone so even if I turn that off, the calls go to the MP 01. Fewer people call these days but when I want to switch off, like at the weekend or after six, I can still receive the really urgent calls.”

The Punkt MP01 is expected to be available come September 2015 where it will retail for $295 and will be available for purchase via its website.

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