Acer-Revo-Build_06[IFA 2015] Modular computing might be an idea that could very well catch on in due time, where the level of customization certainly makes life a whole lot easier. Well, Acer has answered the clarion call for modular computing with the Windows 10-powered PC Revo Build Series, where it boasts of an obviously modular design that makes it a snap to customize your machine according to your needs and wants – which will also be limited by your budget too, of course.


Building your own computer would certainly be fun with the Revo Build Series (M1-601) mini PC, since the there will be various “blocks” with different features that can be easily stacked on top of the base unit. This would mean the entire move of introducing additional functionality is as easy as playing with toy blocks, where these “blocks” will be connected via pogo pins with magnetic alignment in order to make sure that you need not have to worry about battling it out with wires whenever one swaps out different modules.

These blocks will also be able to play nice independently with other PCs, now how about that? The Revo Build M1-601 desktop has been specially designed in order to pack all that it needs to get going in a small and convenient 1 liter chassis, with a footprint that measures 125mm x 125mm.

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