cod_black_ops_3The way missions in games work is that when you complete one, you get to move onto the next one, and so on. For the most part they tend to be progressive in nature meaning that it gets harder and more complex as you move forward and it usually advances the storyline too. That being said, Treyarch will be doing things differently with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the developers revealed that right off the bat, gamers will be able to access all of the game’s missions. This means that if you feel like it, you could technically play the final mission first, although we reckon that this would kind of spoil your fun and might ruin the story in the process, but at least you have the option of doing so.

According to the game’s director of campaign Jason Blundell, “Consumers and game players in general are far more mature these days. There are so many things vying for our interests today. It’s about, how do they want to consume it? Maybe they put it down on level two, and then they’re in work the next day, and some guy says, ‘dude, you’ve got to check out level four!’ And he’s like, ‘okay, I’ll have a quick look.’ That’s totally fine. I think it’s their choice.”

So what about gamers spoiling it for themselves? Blundell doesn’t seem too concerned about it, believing that just like how Netflix releases episodes all at once, gamers will still take the journey from start to end, even though there might be one or two that chooses to start from the end.

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