halo5-blueteamWe reported yesterday that over the weekend, Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor made some comments about the possibility of Halo 5 coming to the PC. As it stands, the game is only available on the Xbox console, so obviously the idea that it could arrive for the PC was a very interesting and appealing idea.

However it seems that many have jumped the gun to take it to mean that Halo 5 will be arriving on the PC, forcing executives at 343 Industries to come forward and clarify those comments. According to O’Connor, he claims that this is a comment that he has given many times and that it is 100% noncommittal.

His tweet writes, “I didn’t “mention” it, I was asked a question and gave the same noncommittal answer I’ve been giving to that question for ten years.” He also clarified the response from Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg who denied that Halo 5 for the PC was in the works. O’Connor states that what he said was that the game arriving on the PC was not out of the question, but for now there are no plans to do so.

Hopefully that clears things up. Halo has been typically a console franchise for the longest time ever, although we’re sure many gamers would like to see a PC version of the game. Will 343 Industries/Microsoft eventually bring it to the PC? Perhaps one day they will, but for now we suggest you not hold your breath.

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