If a rumor out of China is believed then a company that’s known across the globe for selling soft drinks is entering the smartphone game, rumor has it that a Pepsi smartphone is going to be launched real soon. Apparently a page for “Pepsi phone” has gone live on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, it’s believed to be a verified account which possibly hints the launch of a Pepsi-branded smartphone.

One can think of countless reasons why Pepsi doesn’t need to launch a smartphone as opposed to coming up with a list of reasons why it should get into this lucrative yet highly competitive business, but lets just not get too ahead of ourselves yet.

The Weibo account is listed in the “IT, electronics, mobile phone manufacturers” category even though the header image of the account doesn’t provide any hints about this supposed smartphone.

Even if we were to consider for a second that Pepsi is going to launch a smartphone, it might possibly be made by a Chinese OEM and rebranded by Pepsi, since the company is not known for owning facilities that specialize in smartphone manufacturing.

As for why it would feel the need to do this, that question will be better answered by Pepsi itself, assuming ofcourse that there’s some truth to this.

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