new-halo5-trailerIf there is one thing that one can derive from this month’s sales statistics, it would be this – the Halo franchise is still big and has a large fanbase. For the month of October 2015, American consumers actually forked out a whopping $805.9 million where new game-related software and hardware are concerned, at least this is what the NPD Group shared. This is a 2% improvement compared to the $788.7 million figure racked up in October last year.

It was a slowing down of hardware and software sales, but accessories were the ones that made sure that a little bit of growth were seen. Some of these accessories include interactive toys such as Amiibo and Skylanders, plastic Rock Band guitars, and the ilk.

Halo 5: Guardians led the way in terms of software sales, with the title being made available on the Xbox One as an exclusive. Do bear in mind that the NPD Group does not take into account digital or used games in its reporting, as those are pretty difficult to track and adds more paperwork at the end of the day, preferring to concentrate on new games sold at U.S. retailers instead. Are you one of those who picked up Halo 5 when it was released, or a new Xbox One? If you have done so, you might also look out for the next big Halo 5 update that will introduce the team battle concept.

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