Fire_HD_8_Readers_EditionSeveral months ago Amazon introduced new Fire HD tablets, one of which was the new Fire HD 8. However Amazon has recently announced the Amazon Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition tablet and for those wondering what the difference is, basically this is the same Fire HD 8 tablet with some minor changes and some new bundled features.

For starters we should point out right away that in terms of hardware, this is basically the same Fire HD 8 tablet that was announced back in September. However one of the changes is the inclusion of Blue Shade technology, which for those unfamiliar basically helps to improve reading conditions especially at night by shifting the color temperature of the display and dimming its brightness.

Blue light has been said to be disruptive to sleeping patterns so hopefully this change will make reading at night still viable without you waking up tired. The Reader’s Edition will also come bundled with a year’s subscription to Kindle Unlimited. This gives users access to unlimited books and audiobooks which would normally cost $9.99 as far as subscriptions are concerned.

However note that the bundle comes with a year’s subscription so you’ll need to renew it once it ends if you wish to keep using its servicer. The Reader’s Edition also comes with a limited edition leather cover, and the entire package is priced at $249.99. If you’d like to get your hands on it, head on over to Amazon’s website to place your pre-order.

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