dark_portal_frame_1In the past we have seen many statues and figurines made based around World of Warcraft. Some of the toys, like those from Funko, are cutesy and adorable, but then you also have more detailed figurines that look fierce and realistic. That being said if you are a collector and wouldn’t mind getting your hands on more World of Warcraft merchandise, you’re in luck.

The folks at NetEase in China, the publishers of World of Warcraft in the region, have recently unveiled a statue of what appears to be the Dark Portal from the Warcraft universe. For those unfamiliar with the lore, the Dark Portal is basically what allowed the Horde to initially invade the world of Azeroth.

It is featured in World of Warcraft expansions like Burning Crusade and also in Warlords of Draenor. This particular model is made using resin and essentially what it is is a photo frame. It measures 25.5cm long, 13cm wide, and 24.5cm tall. They are also limited in nature as there will only be 500 of them made and they are being sold at around $75 each.

Unfortunately for now it seems that the frame is only available in China, so for those living outside of China you won’t be able to find it locally, so you might have to come up with some creative means if you wish to get it imported. Also if you don’t want to use it as a photo frame, by itself we reckon it looks pretty awesome, don’t you think?

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