PCs don’t restrict you in a way that laptops and notebooks do, they’re fully modular meaning that it’s very easy to swap out the different components without having to go through too much trouble. That’s one of the reasons why there’s such a vibrant PC modding community out there which is why there are many companies that make products, particularly for that market. G.Skill is one of those companies and its latest RAM kit is going to blow yours out of the water.

G.Skill has unveiled the latest addition to its Ripjaws V lineup lineup, it’s a mind-boggling 128GB DDR4 memory kit that’s clocked at an unbelievable 3,000MHz coupled with super low CL14-14-14-34 CAS latency times.

A set of eight 16GB memory sticks makes up this powerful contraption that’s best coupled with the Haswell-E Extreme Edition processors, the one it’s paired with in the image above is the Intel Core i7-5820K. Clearly you don’t need this setup if you are not a power user.

G.Skill says that it’s the perfect RAM for some serious gamers that don’t mind dropping huge amounts of money on their rig, but perhaps it’s best suited for content creators that do things like 3D renderings, animation or have professional uses like complex scientific calculations.

This isn’t your grandma’s memory kit so don’t expect it to cost the same. Even though it’s going to be released later this month G.Skill has not yet confirmed the pricing, but seeing as how its previous 128GB DDR4 memory kit clocked at 2,400MHz was priced at $800, don’t expect it to be cheaper than that.

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