ps4Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been selling pretty well. In November 2015, it was reported that Sony had managed to sell 30 million units of the console to date, a number which we can only imagine has only gone up since then. However could it be possible that Sony may very well sell as many as 100 million units in the PS4’s lifetime?


According to analyst firm DFC, they seem to think that it is possible that Sony will be able to achieve that magical number. So far only five gaming systems have managed to hit that number. That includes the Sony PSOne, PS2, the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Game Boy, and the Nintendo Wii, so if Sony achieves this, the PS4 will be the sixth console to do that.

Interestingly enough that list seems to be more or less exclusive to both Sony and Nintendo and appears to be lacking Microsoft’s presence. That being said, the firm also believes that virtual reality technology could provide an additional boost to the PS4’s numbers, but they don’t necessarily think that it will be a make or break feature.

According to them, “Sony has the biggest VR play with the PlayStation VR but that is only one of several reasons why the PlayStation 4 is expected to be the leading game system over the next few years. VR could actually help the PS4 expand its audience over the next few years but it is currently not crucial to the overall forecasts as DFC is taking a conservative attitude towards the market.”

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