seoul-free-wifiHave you ever gone on a holiday somewhere, and are frantically looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot simply so that you can get in touch with your family members and friends back home by dropping a quick instant message or updating your Facebook status? Well, you might want to choose Seoul as your preferred destination when 2017 arrives, as Park Won-Soon, the mayor of Seoul, has recently announced that every single public space of Seoul will feature free Wi-Fi by next year – and this includes moving subways and buses.

Such an initiative has been known as the Seoul Digital Plan 2020, where it intends to deliver the presence of Internet of Things (IoT) Technology to the massive city. So far, we have heard that the city of Seoul will be willing to pump in 460.5 billion won ($373.9 million) in order to invest in this particularly new digital policy over the course of the next half a decade.

With the Pew Research Center pointing out that South Koreans are some of the most prolific smartphone users worldwide, where 88% of them having one smartphone at least, connectivity is so important in their daily lives. The city of Seoul also intends to set up an integrated parking system so that car owners will be able to check out the locations of their vehicles in parking places while obtaining relevant data on their handsets.

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