orgrimmar-lego3We suppose one of the joys of building LEGO sets is that it’s really just limited to your imagination, meaning that if you can think it, you can probably find a way to build it as we have seen in many impressive creations in the past. Now for World of Warcraft fans out there, this LEGO set put together by burlogh might be of interest to you.

In case it wasn’t obvious, this is Orgrimmar recreated in LEGO. For those unfamiliar, Orgrimmar is basically the capital city for the Horde. While each race has their own capital city, Orgrimmar is pretty much where the majority of Horde players congregate, similar to how Stormwind City is where many Alliance players gather as well.

According to burlogh, “In the last year I was a rather inactive builder, though in my mind I planned my new diorama. The wall with the guard towers were inspired by the gates of Orgrimmar in WoW, but the other elements are not connected to the game (maybe the windmill a little bit…). Unfortunately I was in a rush at the end, but at least I see a lot of improvement possibilities!”

Note that this isn’t a 100% replica of Orgrimmar, but there are certainly quite a few resemblances, but even then we have to say that it does look pretty good. If you want to check out burlogh’s other creations, hit up his Flickr page for the photos.

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