If you’re in the market for a new camera, you might be interested to learn that Canon has recently announced a new Super 35mm Multi-Purpose Camera in the form of the ME200S-SH. As you can see in the video above, this camera is obviously not your average camera as it has clearly been designed with professionals in mind.


Now you might be wondering, what’s with the odd design? If you’re into videography, this is where such a camera might come in handy due to its slightly smaller stature and compactness, thus allowing you get into more places without the need for a bulky video camera. Its small size also allows users to mount the camera on gimbals without adding too much weight (it weighs 1.1kg).

In terms of specs, the camera is capable of shooting Full HD and supports both NTSC and PAL framerates. Unfortunately and oddly enough, Canon has decided not to equip the camera with 4K capabilities, so if you want to shoot in 4K you will have to look elsewhere. It will also come with a built-in filter stack and as you can see, it will support a variety of different Canon lenses, so if you are a Canon user, you will be able to mount your EF lenses on this camera without issue.

However like we said, it is clear that this camera is aimed more at professionals as it costs $5,000, so unless you have the cash to spare or if you need this for work, you can probably find alternatives for much cheaper.

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