asus_gx800When it comes to computers with liquid-cooling systems, you might be thinking about desktop PCs where there is enough space within the chassis to fit the pipes and water pumps necessary in order to get the liquid cooling system setup. However you might recall that last year, ASUS debuted a laptop that had its own liquid cooling system in the form of the GX700.

Now it looks like this year they are back with an upgraded system with the ASUS ROG GX800. Naturally the selling point here would be its liquid-cooling system that sits at the back of the laptop in the form of a massive attachment. However the main difference here is that the upgrade will now see the use of NVIDIA SLI GPUs, and the use of Intel’s K-series of CPUs.

Combine both of them and you’ll have a gaming laptop that will put many other gaming laptops to shame. There is even a mechanical keyboard installed within the laptop with multicolored LED keys. That being said, the laptop by itself doesn’t appear to be too thick compared to other similar systems.

However if you want to get the full potential out of the laptop, you will need the attachment, which in turn kind of tethers you to your location, so mobile gaming is definitely out of the question unless you don’t mind lugging around huge and heavy components.

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