asus avalonWant to build your own PC? Compared to a decade or more ago, PC building these days has become considerably easier, thanks to the bevy of YouTube instructional videos, as well as efforts by companies who have created tool-less PC cases that makes installing hardware easy as pie, but ASUS wants to take things one step further.

The company has recently unveiled at Computex 2016 the ROG Avalon. This is a modular PC build that aims to take out the guess work in PC building, thus making it easier for PC users to swap components in and out when they please. The PSU has already been built into the case and has had its cabling managed, so there won’t be any ugly stray cables hanging around.

There is also a built-in watercooling system so that’s also taken care of. All users have to do is pick their choice of CPU and RAM, both of which can be installed easily by lifting the top cover of the case and plug the components in. There are a series of drawers that lets users install 2.5-inch storage drives, and another section where your GPU will go.

That being said, the only downside to this setup is that your motherboard is fixed to the chassis itself. This means that while you’ll be able to upgrade your CPU and other components, eventually there will become a time when your motherboard will need replacing, which essentially means replacing the entire rig. Also for now and just like Razer’s Project Christine, the ASU ROG Avalon remains a concept.

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