Atari-Vault-LogoIt looks like after going through a successful launch on Windows, Atari Vault is now all set to be made available to those who are rocking on SteamOS. With Atari Vault, you need not have to step into a time machine, and yet you are able to enjoy up to a 100 iconic games that will incorporate contemporary functionality, accompanied by Steam Global Leaderboards, multiplayer capabilities and Steam controller support.

After all, with Atari being one of the world’s most recognized publishers as well as producers of interactive entertainment, the Atari Vault for the SteamOS operating system is a good addition – and will arrive accompanied by a standard price of $19.99.

Atari Vault will boast of a complete collection featuring 100 of the iconic publisher’s most popular arcade and Atari 2600 games, letting players experience these renowned titles while reaping the benefits of existing technology, ranging from global leaderboards to multiplayer modes, and full controller support as mentioned above. Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, Warlords, and many others are there for you and your progeny to enjoy, perhaps giving birth to a new generation of children who appreciate the wonders of old school gaming. At least the children do not have to subject their eyes to fat and chunky CRTs.

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