cod_dislikesA couple of weeks ago, Activision officially announced Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as being the latest title in their Call of Duty franchise. We know how popular the Call of Duty franchise is, but as it turns out not many people seemed to like what they were seeing the game’s launch trailer to the point where at this time of writing, it has clocked over 2 million dislikes.

Now 2 million dislikes are a lot of dislikes, but apparently that isn’t the most disliked video on YouTube. In fact it only places it at number 4, with videos such as Rebecca Black’s Friday sitting at number 2 with 2.07 million dislikes, and Justin Bieber’s Baby sitting at number 1 with 6.12 million dislikes.

At the rate this is going, Infinite Warfare’s trailer could very well leap to second place, but we reckon it’ll probably take a while before it dethrones Bieber. As to why the video has garnered so many dislikes, it turns out that Call of Duty gamers weren’t thrilled by the idea of a futuristic setting and would have preferred something more “realistic”.

Activision has since acknowledged the dislikes and spun it into a positive thing, likening it to the Black Ops 2 trailer which eventually became one of the franchise’s best-selling titles. That being said, those dislikes don’t necessarily mean that gamers will pass on the chance to play the game so it isn’t a total loss (we hope).

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