moxiIf there is one thing that we would all have learned by now, it would be this – not all smartphones are created equal, and for a very good reason, too. After all, there are so many kinds of people and preferences in the world, so much so that there should be a little bit of something for everyone – price included. Moxi is a unique manufacturer, having revealed that their flexible handset that can bend like Gumby, is all set for a release in China some time later this year.

This is touted to be the first truly bendable phone that is manufactured by Moxi, and in the Chinese language, this is pronounced as “mou-she”, which so happens to be the spoken Chinese abbreviation for the material graphene. Graphene has been touted to be the thinnest, lightest, strongest, most transparent, and most heat and electricity-conductive material known to scientists, and with it, Moxi can be worn like a watch or a bracelet. When you need to make a phone call, simply stretch it out so that it will arrive in a regular smartphone form factor.

Unfortunately, it will arrive only with a black and white screen this year, although there are plans for a color display – but one will need to wait at least until 2018 for that to happen. The asking price of $760 thereabouts is also going to place it out of reach for many over in China, but at least this is a start in the right direction. Too bad it ain’t gonna incorporate LG’s rollable OLEDs.

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