nostalriusLast week we reported that according to Nostalrius, the team behind the shutdown vanilla World of Warcraft servers, their meeting with Blizzard went well. So that begs the question, when will we see a Blizzard run vanilla World of Warcraft server? Turns out that this is a lot more complex than just loading up the game and flipping the switch.

In a post on the Nostalrius forums, one of the team members Viper posted a rather lengthy report on their meeting with Blizzard, and also revealed that getting the servers up and running is a more complex process than we thought, which is actually one of the reasons why Blizzard couldn’t give them an affirmative answer on the spot.

According to Nostalrius, “This means that before re-launching vanilla realms, all of the data needed for the build processes has to be gathered in one place with the code. Not all of this information was under a version control system. In the end, whichever of these parts were lost at any point, they will have to be recreated: this is likely to take a lot of resources through a long development process.”

They also add that because this would essentially be an official Blizzard game, there needs to be a certain level of polish to it. “In addition to the technical aspects of releasing a legacy server Blizzard also needs to provide a very polished game that will be available to their millions of players, something existing unofficial legacy servers cannot provide.” What this sounds like is that Blizzard will need to weigh the pros and cons of running legacy servers.

While it would no doubt make some fans happy, it also means dedicating time and resources to a project of an older game, time and resources that could be spent moving forward with newer releases.

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