If you’re not a professional skydiver but you want to do it anyway with a professional in tandem, chances are that you would want to be assured of maximum security before you decide to jump out of an airplane from a height of several thousand feet. Even if you’re a professional you wouldn’t want to jump out of a plane without a parachute but you do have to go out of your comfort zone a little when you’re trying to make history and professional skydiver Luke Aikins certainly made history when he jumped from 25,000 feet with no parachute on.

Don’t assume the worst. He survived as he nailed the drop into a net on the ground which was roughly as big as a third of a football field. Massive respect for the 42 year old who did what I probably wouldn’t do even if I had 42 lives.

Aikins was in a free fall for about two minutes after jumping out of a plane at 25,000 feet. He flipped onto his back at the very last moment and made it safely into the net. He has now become the first person to pull off something like this and is probably going to hold the record to himself for a considerable amount of time.

You can watch his incredible achievement in the video posted above. Remember to breathe.

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