walmart_payLast year Walmart launched Walmart Pay, which is basically the company’s own mobile payments platform. Given the number of Walmarts around the US, we suppose it makes sense for the company to try and have their own system as opposed to using another company’s system, like Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Unfortunately Walmart Pay for the most part has only been available in several states, but the good news is that has all changed. Walmart has announced the Walmart Pay will now be available across all Walmart outlets in the US which basically covers 4,600 stores around the country.

So how does Walmart Pay work and how does it differ from other mobile payment services? Platforms like Apple Pay rely on NFC which in a way kind of limits the number of users who can use the service. However Walmart Pay just requires the user to own a smartphone and the Walmart Pay app.

They then link their credit/debit card to their Walmart account and when they’re at the checkout register, they just scan the QR code on the screen using their phone’s camera and the purchase will be registered. If you shop frequently at Walmart, perhaps this could be worth checking out.

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