Scotland Powered By Just Wind Turbines For An Entire Day

There is a very select group of countries in the world that have demonstrated the capability to meet their energy demands for an entire day through nothing but renewable sources, and now Scotland has joined that exclusive list. Earlier this week, it generated 106 percent of its electricity requirement through wind turbines exclusively over a 24 hour period. That’s certainly no small feat and gives up for a future where sustainable methods of electricity generate reign supreme.

Several countries across Europe have been able to achieve such a milestone. Portugal was able to run on renewable energy for four days, Netherlands met 140 percent of its demand while Germany hit 95 percent of demand for a precious few moments.

Costa Rica has one of the best records as it ran for 75 full days on nothing but renewable energy last year. There are many countries across the globe that are working hard to enter this list and shift their reliance to renewable sources of electricity generation.

Scotland was able to produce enough electricity using wind turbines in a 24 hour period to meet 106 percent of its demand as hurricane winds off the coast were as high as 60 mph. Total electricity production contributed by the turbines to the national grid totalled 39,545 megawatt-hours against total consumption of 37,202 megawatt-hours.

Scotland is actually aiming to meet 50 percent of its annual electricity demand from renewable sources and it looks set to achieve that goal a full year ahead of schedule. It wants to run on 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2020.

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