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US Renewable Energy Capacity Is Ahead Of Coal For The First Time
A report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reveals that the renewable energy capacity of the United States has overtaken coal for the very first time. The share of renewable energy in the total available installed capacity is at 21.56 percent compared to coal’s 21.55 percent. It’s only a marginal lead but it’s a significant milestone nonetheless.

Sony Moves Up Its 100% Renewable Energy Goal By A Decade
It has been a month since Sony announced its plan to use 100 percent renewable energy to power its operations across the globe by 2040. Sony has now said that it’s moving this goal forward by a decade for the United States. It’s now planning to use 100 percent renewable energy to power all of its U.S. operations by 2030.

Google Achieves 100% Renewable Energy Goal
Google set a goal to purchase enough renewable energy to match all of the electricity that it consumed over the next year and it announced over a year ago that it was on track to achieve this goal. The company detailed its intention to go 100 percent renewable and Google has now confirmed that it has been able to do that.

Visa Will Shift To 100% Renewable Energy Next Year
Global payments giant Visa has made a major commitment to renewable energy by pledging to use 100 percent renewable electricity across global operations by the end of next year. Visa has joined a global initiative called RE100 which includes some of the top companies globally and they’re all committed to shifting their energy needs to renewable sources. Some of the other members of this initiative include Apple, Microsoft, and HSBC.


Costa Rica Has Run The Entire Country On Renewable Energy For 300 Days
Costa Rica is one of the few countries that’s winning clean energy accolades for adopting renewable energy in a significant manner. It has revealed that so far this year, the entire country has been run on 100 percent power generation from renewable sources for 300 days. The confirmation comes from the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity which cites figures from the National Center for Energy Control.

Largest Floating Solar Power Plant Now Supplying Power To China
It’s no secret that China ranks quite high on the list of countries that suffer from pollution caused by rapid industrialization and the fuel-powered power plants that are required to power those industries. The country has been gradually shifting to cleaner sources of electricity as it strives to fight pollution that often rises to dangerous levels in major cities like Beijing. The country has now started sourcing power from a […]

Germany Makes New Renewable Energy Record
Germany has heavily invested in renewable energy sources to reduce its reliance on conventional methods of power generation that depend on processes that can harm the environment. The country’s renewable energy generation now accounts for a significant chunk of its national supply. Last month, the country even broke its daily record for renewable energy as it generated 85 percent of the total power requirement from these sources.

Costa Rica Ran On Renewable Energy For Over 250 Days In 2016
It has long been a dream to power entire countries by renewable energy. While that might be a bit difficult to achieve for an industrial powerhouse like China or the United States, at least at this point in time, smaller nations are often able to power themselves entirely through renewable energy. Take Costa Rica for example, the country was able to meet all of its energy requirements for more than […]

Google Will Use 100% Renewable Energy By 2017
Google’s services are used by billions of people across the globe so one can’t even begin to imagine the kind of processing power the company’s services need to provide a decent user experience. Google’s facilities need a lot of power to keep everything up and running but the company doesn’t want its data centers to be a burden on the environment. Google says that it’s going to use 100 percent […]

Microsoft Pledges To Use 50% Renewable Energy By 2018
Tech companies need to create more and more data centers across the globe to meet their demands as they further advance cloud computing technology. Data centers happen to be one of the largest consumers of energy on the planet so they are quite a drain on its resources. Major companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have pledged to use renewable energy to power their facilities. Microsoft has reiterated its commitment […]

Scotland Powered By Just Wind Turbines For An Entire Day
There is a very select group of countries in the world that have demonstrated the capability to meet their energy demands for an entire day through nothing but renewable sources, and now Scotland has joined that exclusive list. Earlier this week, it generated 106 percent of its electricity requirement through wind turbines exclusively over a 24 hour period. That’s certainly no small feat and gives up for a future where […]

Portugal Ran On Just Renewable Energy For Four Consecutive Days
Renewable energy is the future. Significant advancements have been made to technology that enables us to meet our power needs with the wind, solar and hydro-generated electricity. It’s possible to run entire countries on just renewable energy as Portugal has demonstrated. It was able to run the entire country on clean energy for four consecutive days. It used wind, solar and hydro generation methods at its disposal to run on […]

The Dutch Want To Run Their Entire Rail System On Wind Power By 2018
Slow progress is being made to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and go with cleaner alternatives, it may be slow but it’s progress nonetheless. Some countries are setting extremely ambitious goals to shift to renewable energy sources and the Dutch has joined that list of nations, they aim to run their entire rail system completely on wind power by the year 2018.

Costa Rica Powers Itself For 75 Days Only With Renewable Energy
As concerns about global warming escalate countries are increasingly coming under pressure to switch to more environment friendly policies and cut down on their use of fossil fuels. Some of the most widely used renewable energy solutions include wind and solar farms as well as hydroelectric plants. Costa Rica has shown that it’s possible to power an entire country using only renewable energy. Due to heavy rainfall the Central American […]