Renewable energy is the future. Significant advancements have been made to technology that enables us to meet our power needs with the wind, solar and hydro-generated electricity. It’s possible to run entire countries on just renewable energy as Portugal has demonstrated. It was able to run the entire country on clean energy for four consecutive days. It used wind, solar and hydro generation methods at its disposal to run on clean energy for 107 hours straight.

This clean energy milestone was revealed after analyzing the data of national energy network figures. Portugal’s energy consumption was fully provided for by solar, wind and hydro power for 107 hours last week. The streak started on 6:45 am on Saturday, May 7th and lasted until 5:45 pm the following Wednesday.

Portugal isn’t the only country that’s capable of powering itself on just renewable energy. A few days ago Germany announced that it met the entire country’s energy needs through renewable sources on May 15th. Power prices actually turned negative several times in the day, which basically means consumers were actually being paid to use electricity.

Notwithstanding the cost of setting up plants to generate electricity from renewable sources, it’s actually one of the cheapest ways to produce electricity, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t pollute the environment like coal or fuel-based power plants do.

A good trend is being set across Europe and one can hope for the day when countries across the globe gradually shift the bulk of their electricity generation to renewable sources.

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