Wasteland 3 has been officially announced today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux. This is going to be the first game in this series to include a co-op mode which will enable two people to play together throughout the entire campaign. The action system is also being revamped by developer InXile Entertainment with new vehicles and more environmental dangers. Wasteland 3 is going to see a return of Ranger bases as well.


The developer says that Wasteland 3 has been set in the lands of a frozen Colorado. Players will start out as the sole survivor of Team November and they will have to make difficult moral choices in the game throughout the story mode to survive. A new dialog tree system has been created for this game based off the system in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

InXile Entertainment has also confirmed that it’s going to crowdfund this game. The developer is seeking to raise $2.75 million to transform this game into reality. The crowdfunding campaign kicks off on Fig in a week from now.


More details about the game will be revealed down the line. It remains to be seen how the crowdfunding campaign performs, though fans are likely to contribute enough to take it over the $2.75 million line. InXile Entertainment is yet to confirm when Wasteland 3 is going to be released for the aforementioned platforms.

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